Verbmaster - French (Reproducible eBook)


This Verbmaster will help students to learn, in an intensive yet active and entertaining way, how to use verbs confidently and accurately. This volume contains over 700 appealing b/w cartoon pictures and other visual symbols depicting verbs and ‘verb concepts’ arranged into 60 sets. These groupings relate specifically to the teaching and learning of French verbs:

  • Regular -er, -ir, -re
  • Irregular
  • Reflexive
  • Compound tenses including avoir, être, faire, aller and venir, and modal auxiliary verbs
  • Verbs followed by prepositions and/or infinitives
  • Using pronouns, negatives and questions

Age: 10 – Adult
Level: Beginners to Intermediate KS2/3/4/5
Language: French
137 pages

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