Tonnerre 7 - La ferme d'alligators et la course des poules (Downloadable eBook)

What do you get when you cross a magical dragon, an eccentric scientist, a fourteen year-old writer, a talented photographer who happens to be her twin brother, a talking parrot and a generous heaping of adventure?
You get Les Aventures de Tonnerre. You also get a generous heaping of culture as the characters travel through and learn abut French-speaking areas.
Ideal for multi-level classes and students since the left page (in blue) can be used for beginning readers and the text on the right page may be used for experienced readers.
This is volume 7 of 9. The books may be used in any order. In volume 7, readers will learn about Louisiana and the Cajun style Mardi Gras.
31 pages. 
Beginner level.
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