Soap Addict - Spanish (Reproducible eBook)


A flexible resource containing hundreds of appealing illustrations and activities which exploit the fascination many learners have with soaps.

  • Who’s who – personal identification.
  • Giving opinions on the goodies and the baddies, the winners and the losers
  • Round the town and prepositions. What’s where, who lives where
  • Daily routines, shopping, leisure time
  • Who’s dating who and who else knows about it!
  • Jobs and the working environment
  • Predictions – what might happen next!
  • All the latest gossip.
  • Births, marriages, deaths – and the potential for discussion of sensitive issues within the safe context of soaps.
        Age: 10 – Adult

        Level: Beginners to Intermediate KS2/3/4/5
        152 pages.

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        Ref. MLGSS