Parlons culture - les Acadiens et les Cajuns (Downloadable eBook with link to streamed video)

Note: This publication is a downloadable eBook which includes a private link to a streamed video. An Internet connection is required to play the video. 
Important note: The link to the streamed video can be found on page 4 of the eBook. Simply click on the blue arrow to start the video.
As students explore the francophone communities of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and the southern state of Louisiana, they develop intercultural awareness and competence as each task encourages them to make connections to their own culture in order to develop respect for others, curiosity, tolerance, empathy and communicative awareness.
Teachers may use the lessons as a sequence or explore each of the 15 lessons independently. Lessons suggest speaking activities to maximize student talk time and presents a variety of cultural details that may include music, food, customs, accents etc.
Each lesson template specifies the video scene being explored, the link to overall expectations, learning goal, detailed lesson activities for "minds on", "action" and "consolidation", and supporting templates and links as required.
Book: 80 pages. Video: approx 25 minutes.
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