Mission:Possible 5 - Les Jeux cosmiques (Downloadable eBook with link to streamed video)


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Mission:Possible is an exciting six-part video series from Quebec. Recipient of a Telly Award, Mission:Possible is a remarkable resource that has taken Canada by storm. Each video is accompanied by a teacher's guide with the script, activity sheets and vocabulary. Meet the secret agents who are making French comprehension possible.

Mission:Possible 5 - Les Jeux cosmiques (Sports Theme):
The Gambudian Galaxy's cosmic sports games are just around the corner. But will Zoxx be ready in time to face off against his evil twin brother? Only with the help of secret agents Luc, Marie, and Julie, will Zoxx find the necessary training to compete in the ultimate laser tug-of-war event. His arduous sports training includes aerobics, weight lifting, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, badminton, yoga, tai chi, and tons more. Will Zoxx find enough strength and inspiration to win the cosmic sports games? Tune in...

Video: 24 min. Includes activity sheets.

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