Les Correspondantes (Downloadable eBook with link to streamed video)

Note: This publication is a downloadable eBook which includes a private link to a streamed video. An Internet connection is required to play the video. 
Important note: The link to the streamed video can be found on page 4 of the eBook. Simply click on the blue arrow to start the video.
Meet Québécoise Sandy and Parisian Audrey! They have been pen pals for years and finally meet in Ottawa.
Together, with the help of a number of Sandy's friends, they discover many of the cultural differences between the French of North America and of France. Differences in language, food, sports, and history are some of the cultural differences explored.
This 30-minute French video is ideal for intermediate and advanced students and provides an opportunity for students to hear different French accents as well as language differences.
Teachers will find it a valuable resource in reinforcing the teaching of French culture through authentic speakers. The book includes the script and numerous activities.
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