Grammairama Level 2 (Downloadable eBook)

A valuable reproducible book containing grammar structures that are usually studied by first year high school students. An excellent tool to help students in their study of French in conjunction with whatever programme is used.
Each grammar topic is explained in easy to understand English and followed by practice exercises in French. Answers included.
Topics: Pronouns (subject, direct object pronouns, y, en, emphatic pronouns, relative pronouns qui/que); Verbs (reflexive, simple future tense, passé composé of irregular verbs, passé composé with être, verbs + infinitives, verbs + nouns); Conjunctions (mais, et, donc, ou, car, ni), Question words; Adjectives (irregular descriptive, comparative and superlative of bon); Adverbs (comparative and superlative of bien).
74 pages.
Beginner level.
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Ref. TRGR2