Cover Lesson Worksheets - Year 8 Spanish, Part 2 (Downloadable eBook)


Each volume of this series contains 10 topical units designed to be delivered by a non-specialist teacher or cover supervisor. Each unit, consisting of 10 photocopiable worksheets, stands alone and encompasses all the information and vocabulary students require to work independently. The instructions are in English to ensure students understand the tasks and students can complete the activities on the sheets. Relevant and purposeful, the activities are focused on enriching students' vocabulary and providing a valuable learning experience.

The units are invaluable when unexpected absences need to be covered quickly within a busy Languages department. They are also ideal for homework, revision or bridging activities and can be used to set work for absent students.


  1. Las tiendas
  2. En el mercado
  3. En el restaurante
  4. Los países
  5. De vacaciones
  6. La paga
  7. La tecnologia
  8. Mis sueños
  9. El presente, el pasado y el futuro
  10. La conquista de América

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