Ici on parle français - Grammar and communication games (Reproducible eBook)


This reproducible workbook supports the resources in the main volume. When teaching classroom language it is important to ‘unpack’ those chunks of language for learners, showing them how the items you want them to learn actually work in linguistic terms, and how they can manipulate them to fulfill other, similar needs. In this Grammar Games resource we deal with the practice stage, so that learners become more familiar with the structures, sounds and rhythms of the language, and more able to use it confidently. The emphasis is on practising structures which occur naturally in classroom language, as opposed to in the often artificial language found in textbooks.

For example:

  • Perfect tense: Textbook context: travel, holidays • Classroom context: work, no pen • J’ai fini, J’ai oublié mes devoirs, J’ai perdu mon stylo
  • Perfect tense: J’ai dû • Textbook context: tidy my room • Classroom context: reasons for absence, no homework • J’ai dû aller à une réunion J’ai dû m’occuper de mon petit frère

Includes games involving:
Grammar terminology, nouns and pronouns, articles, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and tenses, prepositions.

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