Ici on parle français (Reproducible eBook)


Do our pupils want to communicate? Of course they do. Just listen to them as they come into the classroom and settle down. If we let them, they would never stop talking! This urge to communicate is a resource that we can use to good effect in the classroom.
The emphasis in these materials is firmly on involving all learners in what they want and need to say, using language for a real purpose. Takes the pressure off the non-specialist teacher, by providing suggestions for a very straightforward way of introducing the language gradually. Excellent preparation for a study of formal grammar. Includes over 1000 appealing cartoon illustrations and gameboards, with many suggestions for multisensory activities and games.

Units include: 

  • Pupil language: Right from the start • Giving reasons for absence • Asking for what you need • Making excuses – no pen • Making excuses – no homework • Asking permission • Asking for information • Explaining the problem • Making polite requests • Making protests and complaints • Giving opinions in the classroom • Talking about: body and health; the weather; school clothes; classroom items; ICT; school day and subjects; furniture and fittings • Where shall I sit? • It’s not working • Pupil to pupil • Pupil to teacher • Exclaiming
  • Teacher and pupil language: Talking about: Settling in; What we’re going to be doing to be doing • Setting up the classroom • Understanding instructions • Finishing the lesson • Giving encouragement, praise, rewards and incentives • Ça va? Self evaluation • Language for playing games

Age: 7 – Adult
Level: Beginners to Intermediate KS2/3/4
182 pages. 

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