Le Théâtre en direct Volume 2 (Downloadable eBook)

Instill in your student the love of theatre and performing. A collection of short plays for students of French.
Volume 2 includes one play aimed at developing students' knowledge in the field of music, dramatic arts and politics. The play consists of ten famous people, (Piaf, Louis Armstrong, Monet, Elvis, Jim Henson, Helen Keller, Pierre Trudeau, Victor Hugo, La Fontaine, Lucille Ball) who come to life and share des faits saillants de leur vie.
Students may perform as many parts of the play as time allows. A dynamic and interactive way to build students' self-confidence and their oral expression.
Includes activities for each personnage célèbre as well as a vocabulary list.
Bring the past to life à travers le théâtre.
Includes activities as well as a vocabulary list.
50 pages.
Intermediate level.
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