A Cajun Mardi Gras - Keeping the Tradition (English Edition) (Downloadable eBook with link to streamed video)

Note: This publication is a downloadable eBook which includes a private link to a streamed video. An Internet connection is required to play the video. 
Important note: The link to the streamed video can be found on page 4 of the eBook. Simply click on the blue arrow to start the video.
Think of Mardi Gras in Louisiana and most people think of New Orleans! But the residents of Louisiana outside of New Orleans celebrate Mardi Gras in their own unique ways. Celebrations can vary from community to community. This book and video (approx 28 minutes) document their cultural celebrations and include chicken runs, dancing, begging, costumes and many activities which are truly unique to the Cajuns of Louisiana. Students will learn about the historical basis of the celebrations and their importance to the people of the region.
The book includes script, viewing and post-viewing activities and answers.
Intermediate Level.
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