La Boutique magique

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Bring the power of contemporary French music into your classroom today! This CD/DVD pack includes ten original rap songs, each designed to transmit a specific linguistic function such as greetings, ordering food, asking directions, etc. Each song is followed by the instrumental version so your students can karaoke the verses themselves or even create their own raps! The audio CD is accompanied by an animated DVD with lyric subtitles.

This pack contains:
- an audio CD (20 tracks: 10 songs + their instrumental versions)
- a DVD (10 songs with animation and optional lyric subtitles)
- an accompanying booklet (lyrics + suggested activities)

 Songs included are:
1. Salut !
2. Tu aimes faire quoi ?
3. Comment est-il ?
4. De quoi tu as besoin ?
5. Tu fais quoi ?
6. Vous voulez quoi ?
7. La boutique magique
8. Je peux sortir ?
9. Je viens d’arriver !
10. Je pars en vacances !

View a sample animated song below: