Grand Hotel (Downloadable eBook)


What happens when a yellow duck arrives at the grandest hotel on earth? You cannot imagine! "Grand Hotel" is a text-free comic book in which we follow the bewildering adventures of this wacky duck. Through mountains, rivers and woods he experiences countless troubles finding his way around this maze of a hotel.

Because there are no words, the events unfold only by the sequence of pictures. This allows the story to be used as an original support for oral and written practice in any language. Students can be asked to talk or write about parts of the story, make up dialogues, invent names for the places and characters, describe scenes, and lots more. By commenting on the many incongruous situations and places in which the main character finds himself, students seamlessly practice vocabulary and grammar. Fun and cheerful, this full-colour book can be used for different ages and levels. According to research, text-free books are also extremely effective when working with children with special needs, particularly autistic children.

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