Talking Dice Full Set


Talking Dice is a unique and creative way to spark conversation in the classroom in a variety of ways. Picture-based, each die covers a different topic (pets, sports, occupations…)

The dice are great as an icebreaker, a starter to focus students on topics, as a core activity, or plenary at lesson-end. At a basic level, the dice can be rolled on their own to practice vocabulary, from single words to short phrases. With intermediate students, they can be used for sentence-building or grammar practice. More advanced learners can also combine several dice/topics to produce complex sentences or build stories.

Talking Dice fit into your current lessons in minutes, with no extra planning, and minimal teacher input. There is no other language teaching resource that can be used to teach any language, nor has the same Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) qualities as Talking Dice.

The full classroom set includes:
- 6 dice from each of the 36 different curriculum topics - a total of 216 dice.
- the photocopiable Teacher's Notes and Student Worksheets.

The full classroom set is ideal for classrooms of 18 to 36 students.

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