Mission:Possible 6 - L'Aventure en route (Downloadable eBook with link to streamed video)


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Mission:Possible is an exciting six-part video series from Quebec. Recipient of a Telly Award, Mission:Possible is a remarkable resource that has taken Canada by storm. Each video is accompanied by a teacher's guide with the script, activity sheets and vocabulary. Meet the secret agents who are making French comprehension possible.

Mission:Possible 6 - L'Aventure en route (Travel Theme):
When Zoxx's spaceship crashes on the far side of town, Luc, Marie, and Julie, depart on a rescue mission to find and save their alien friend. But this is no easy adventure. It's going to tak different methods of travel, navigational skills, and a little Gambudian Galaxy love dust to reach their destination and help Zoxx get home. Oozing with travel and transportation vocabulary, this episode is a thrilling and educational adventure for students. The agents teach, review, and reinforce vocabulary with the help of Mr. Database's Reportage de mission.

Video: 24 min. Includes activity sheets.

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