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Drôle de monde (Audio CD)

Drôle de monde (Audio CD)


Archipol, Breton singer-songwriter-poet conjures up a world where the barrier between the digital and the human can be porous. How many other writers could adopt the personalities of a critical supermarket trolley, a (female) satnav voice who falls for her charge or a street convinced of its generosity in providing a bed for the homeless on its pavements? Archipol and his co-artists lyrically and ironically reproduce the frustrated love affairs and paradoxes of a technological world to appeal to a teenage audience. The underlying aim-to encourage us all to maintain our humanity and rise above the virtual chasm by asserting our individuality. Enjoyable works of art in their own right, the songs have been produced with the purpose of getting students to develop a range of language skills in the context of relevant vocabulary, structures and grammar. Thoughtfully written accompanying exercises will enable students to practise comprehension and language manipulation skills as well as provide a springboard to their creativity. 

Level: GCSE/Transition/A-Level/IB


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