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Letter Cubes

Letter Cubes


Letter Cubes is a pocket word dice game which can be played by any number of players or teams. It consists of 12 letter dice, each with a score value.

How to Play:
Each player takes a turn to throw the 12 dice and composes one or two words using the letters on the upturned faces. The score is calculated by adding up the points from the letters used. Points can also be taken away from unused letters, but this is optional.

- You may choose to allow players to compose words crosswords-style, by crossing words. When adding points, letters used twice are counted twice.
- After throwing the dice, each player writes a list of words using the letters. The player with the longest list wins the round.
- Choose a topic (animals, countries, makes of cars...) and roll one die or several dice. The first player to call out a word starting with the letter or one of the letters on the dice gets a point.
- After throwing the dice, each player composes a sentence or poem using words starting with the letters available. All letters must be used.

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